Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12570

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David Laskowski
Initiative Name:
Business Opportunity Rule
To Whom It May Concern, First, I want to thank you for your time and attention to this matter, which certainly is a concern for myself and many others. I have been a business owner affiliated with Alticor/Quixtar for several years, and have had nothing but the greatest pleasure in working with people of integrity and character. I certainly understand the focus of the proposed rulemaking in protecting others, and I support its goal, but I am very concerned on how that would affect legitimate businesses that do not have these dangers. We deal with a business decision involving about $100 that is refundable up to 12 months. Nobody I have ever dealt with needed 7 days to think about such a small refundable investment and does not apply to us, but rather those with significant franchise costs. Waiting that long will only cause frustration on all of our parts and thus be an incentive not to move forward. In addition, nobody I know wants their personal contact information sent to strangers. If this occurs, privacy will be compromised from both ends. Please consider that some areas just starting to grow don't even have enough local referrals available, and these new business owners would be meeting the others within the first month anyway. Having to provide referrals would take away my posture as a business owner and would make me more a salesman as well. Referencing the litigation disclosure, I would ask you please not to combine our business model and its owners with many of the bad businesses out there. I'm sure there is litigation concerning individuals a part of our business, but as of now I don't know what it is and that in no way affects me or my ability to work with others. I believe that shady businesses will just not adhere to this ruling if on effect anyway, and it will only effect negatively any honest person. Any business would have a problem if it had to list all litigation, whether true or fraudulent. Can you imagine a toy maker having to supply this information on the toy box at Walmart and how their image would be hurt. Or if I am applying to work at Dell and they have to disclose the litigation from all the disgrunted computer purchasers? I am not concerned about other's disagreements, but rather only wish to build my business with integrity and accountability. I currently have a job and my business is a second income. This is an important part of my life and with a wife and baby present, and I would like to make it my primary income as I build our future. We have a FTC approved business and it is hard enough to build it without such restrictions. I certainly champion the your cause to get a handle on the many "questionable" multilevels and franchises out there in order to protect the "public". These three proposed items I addressed will in my opinion only hinder the good while encouraging the bad to find a way around them. Because of my limited knowledge, I'm not sure what a catchall answer would be to these issues, but I do sincerely encourage you to reconsider this proposed rulemaking. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my comments and consider them. I appreciate your diligence as we all move forward to protect and progress legitimate businesses while keeping in check those that try to shortcut the system. Again, thanks. D.L.