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Business Opportunity Rule
We have been an IBO with Quixtar for years. What we like as well as the money is you cannot make good money unless you help others make money. So unless you work you will not get paid. If someone you sponsor works and helps others, he gets the good money and we would not benefit from his efforts. This is the opposite of cut throat as in jobs. No one wants you to know what they know because you may take their job. Here you want people to know everything you know about this business so they will grow and help others. When we started, all our questions were answered, their was no pressure to get registered. As a matter of fact, I continued going to meetings for a couple of months before making a decision to get started. I was given information to build my business on an as a need to know bases. We would be taught a step and when we got that step we moved to the next step. I never thought it was a get rich quick business and I would be refunded for the products included in registration within 6 months if I realized this was not for me. Requirement of a seven-day waiting period: We believe the 7 day waiting period should be eliminated for this business. If anything, extend the refund period to a year from registration. Requirement to provide references: A new IBO will either work toward his goals or not. A new IBO may just want to purchase products to get familiar with the product line before actually starting his network. References and/or a waiting period cannot determine how successful this new IBO will or will not be. Only his efforts will determine that. References are a waste of time and effort, and a nuisance to the people giving the reference. Requirement to provide a "litigation list".: Eliminate the requirement to disclose past litigation. Who does this? Why should Quixtar? Requirement for specific earnings disclosures: Income depends on the individual. Why not make it simple and having in writing "average monthly gross income for active IBOs." Quixtar already has this in place and it is working very nicely. If required here, why not on all jobs at all corporations? Requirement for financial substantiation: I don't know of anyone who would want to give personal financial information to a prospect. Would you want to do that? It might as well be published in the newspaper. I believe IBOs should possess substantiation for any claim but should not be required to disclose it except when required by the FTC and similar state agencies in an agency investigation. Otherwise, it begs to be an invasion of privacy.