Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12555

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Josue Cruz
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Business Opportunity Rule
This business has changed me personally. I have grown from inside-out being an IBO and it has changed my life style dramatically. It has given me the courage and strengh to persue my goal and achieve the american dream. I have learned so much through the educational system about business and life. I've been in this business for about 4 years and I learned that Quixtar is not only about making money, but is about changing your whole life for the better. Yes you could make serious money and become financially free while you improve yourself as a person. However the FTC rules would make this business opportunity a burden. Our straight to the point, simple plan would give every prospect all their answers to their financial and general questions. There is no need to specific earning disclosures. With this FTC rule it would complicate and confuse, eliminating simplicity to complication. There is no need for financial substantiation: Giving prospects with excess information that has nothing to do with their success is pointless. The money I make has nothing to do with the money they could make. This would cause prospects to make a predetermined decision from information that has nothing to do with them succeeding. There is no need for a litigation list. This business is legal and it works. The one who works the hardest succeeds the most. There is no need to provide refrences. When we conduct open meeting and go to fuctions, we personally intoduce other IBO's face to face with new prospects. There is no need for a seven day waiting period. All the information that applies to the prospect, could be given to them to do this business in one day. I understand the FTC wants to stop fraud and unfair practices towards business opportunities but don't put rules that will burden the legal companies from giving people an opportunity to become successful in business. This business is the only hope I have to achieve the american dream, don't let it become a burden to me and the rest of the people who rely on this business for success.