Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12552

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K Woods
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Business Opportunity Rule
I have been an IBO with Quixtar for 7 years. In those 7 years I have been able to create an additional income that has allowed me to pay off over $50,000 of debt, will allow my wife to stay home as a full time mom and gives me and my family a peace of mind and a sense of purpose. Being an IBO has not only afforded us financial benefits but has also made us better people, with goals to help other people improve their lives. When I registered as an IBO, my sponsoring IBO gave me adequate information and also directed me to where I could further research any questions. Quixtar has done a tremendous job making information available for any prospective IBOs by including links to sites such as the Better Business Bureau and Dunn and Bradstreet, as well as putting together the site. Whenever I register new IBOs I make sure that they know about and have seen these links so they can research Quixtar further. I am also very upfront with any prospective IBOs that registering as an IBO does not guarantee them instant success and money. I inform them that this is a business, and as any business it takes hard work and consistent effort to make an income. I feel the 7 day waiting period is quite unnecessary. IBOs can get their money back if they are not satisfied. In regards to the requirement of providing references, our teaching system has weekly business briefings for prospects to attend to learn more about the Quixtar Business, about the teaching system they would be associated with and to give them a chance to meet and speak with other IBOs from all different ages and backgrounds. I encourage a prospective IBO to attend one of these meetings prior to me registering them. I feel this is a much better system of references than just a list of names and phone numbers would be. It allows the prospect to meet and speak with a large variety of IBOs and it doesn't invade the privacy of the reference IBOs. As an IBO, I am willing to speak and answer any questions a prospective IBO would have, however I do not feel comfortable with my name and phone number being handed out to people. In regards to providing a litigation list, first I feel that most people know that every large corporation has complaints and suits filed against them, many of which are of no merit. I feel that a litigation list would be more confusing than helpful, that is if a prospect would even take the time to read it through properly. I feel that should the prospect want to read that information, it should be available to them, but that it should not be a requirement prior to registration. In regards to providing financial substantiation, I feel this would be invading my privacy. I do not think I should be required to show my income to prospective IBOs, just as I wouldn't openly share the income I make from my job with others. The income I earn as an IBO is in direct relation to how hard I work and the efforts I put in to my business, therefore I feel that information should not have to be shared with propects. Thank you for taking the time to read and consider my opinions.