Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12535

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Marilyn Pansa
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Business Opportunity Rule
I appreciate the opportunity to write this opinion to you. My husband and I have been in a direct marketing business for over 25 years, first with Amway and now with Quixtar. It has always been about being independent and rewarding those who are willing to work hard. Through our hard work, I was able to stay home for over 10 years and raise our son. My husband has worked as a teacher, and he never had to work a summer job. We feel all of the proposed items would be a hindrance and cumbersome to our efforts to continue to build a profitable business. Using others as a reference, would open our prospective team members to others taking advantage of our efforts by saying, "Hey don't get into business with them, get in with us.". Also, if we were the reference used, our privacy would be continually invaded by people we do not know calling and asking us questions, with no benefit to us. Alot of what is accomplished in a business such as this comes when you can develop rapid growth. Having each prospect be required to wait 7 days before they can begin would delay alot of growth. Much of our business has been built via driving or flying distances to begin new teams. If they cannot start for 7 days, then additional trips and investment would be added to the expense of building such a business. We have always considered ourselves as independent business owneers, and for us to have to reveal a list of lawsuits that do not involve us or have anything to do with our integrity or the way we have conducted business would be a tremendous hurdle to overcome. It would cast doubt on what we have shared and be just like having to defend against all the negative "junk" that is on the internet. Our business has already been affected by the unchecked internet anonymous and unsubstantiated websites. Frankly, our business is just starting to do well again and the proposed items are not necessary and will indeed be a great hindrance on our efforts to build our own buisness under the American Free Enterprise system. Thank you for listening and this opportunity to voice our vote.