Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12534

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Shanmukha Immadi
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Business Opportunity Rule
Dear FTC Member, Clear Day. Both my wife & myself thankful to the person who open the door for us for Amway & Quixtar opportunity. We got all the information upfront, literature to read, opportunity to see the business presentation in the hotel. Everything was professional. We do the same thing with the people whom we are bringing on the board. In my opinion, giving 7 days to the potential people before they register is kind of giving disbelief to them. It is upto them to decide based on the information. Like any opportunity some people take a decision right away, someone needs time. It is absolutely voluentary basis. Building this business with people is not a sprint it is a marathon. Both parties trust each other. Giving 10 references to the people before they decided to register. Even in the job, we have to first work 15 days (2 weeks) before get paid. Means, we have to show our commitment before they show their commitment. This business is same. Without showing the commitment from the new people, how we can refer the 10 other business associates with them? I believe you (FTC) approved the business opportunity plan. There is no issues with that plan more than 40 years, why do we need to concern about it right now. Since opportunity is pure, it is doing great even right now. As old saying, "People through stones on the tree with fruits". As old saying, we don't live in the past, why do our memories. Similarly, we don't know about the past failures. Before joing the any company if we ask about their past failures, they don't even entertain us. As a optimistic, all I see if there is an opportunity for me, rewarding proportional to my effort, that is the best opportunity. In my opinion, if something is working, just keep it simple. As old saying, don't fix it if it is not broken. I know you all are very smart, otherwise this opportunity won't exist this long time. Appreciate your time. Thanks, Shan Immadi