Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12522

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Derek Brugman
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Business Opportunity Rule
I am a busy Pediatrician. I also have a home based quixtar business. I am very happy with quixtar. They gave me a 6 month money back garuntee and all the information I needed to make a sound decission. I applaud your attempt to regulate fraudulant business that gives us a bad name. I urge you to continue to look for ways to do that. But I do feel that some of your suggestions will unfairly limit my ability to operate my legimate quixtar business. A 10 day waiting period is unnecessary as we have a 6 month full refund policy. Having to give 10 local references would definitly inhibit my business as the other 9 business owners are also trying to expand and could take my prospect into their own business. Not to mention the invasion of privacy. I do not want to get calls all day to support competitors businesses. Also having to disclose my personal financial records again is an invasion of my privacy. Why not have all small business like plumbers, contractors, carpenters, ect, show me their financial records before I hire them? Although it would reassure me that they are solvent and won't disapear with my money, it would be an invasion of their privacy. I don't expect that nor do I want to have to be submited to it. Thank you for your efforts on our behave. Keep it up. Derek