Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12518

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Gary Turner
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Business Opportunity Rule
I have been an independent business owner with Amway/Quixtar since April 14, 1980. My wife and I joined the business so that she could work at home while I finished my last year of seminary. Although she sold a few products, the responsibility of a new baby and a relocation away from our Direct Distributor, were sufficient obstacles to prevent her from actively working in our business. But she continued to buy and use the products. Nine years later our financial picture had changed. We needed more money and more options. We began to actively build our business and achieved the level of Silver Producer in September of 1989. In October my father died and commitments to my mother and other family side-tracked our efforts once again. We were never able to regain the momentum which took us to the first level of success. We still used the products and sold a few and worked with other IBOs in our organization to help them and received a small bonus every month. Quixtar is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It's record over the past half-century has proven to be stellar in spite of some abuses by some organizations. They have never failed to pay me my bonus each month, even when it was just a few dollars. The Strehli organization, of which I am a part, has always provided me with the support and training I have needed, regardless of whether I was buying the business support materials, such as tapes and books. I know that there are many unscrupulous start-up businesses out there. The FTC has done a good job of trying to monitor them, however, the new legislation that is being proposed would severly hamper our attempts to build our business at a time when we are finally in a position to invest significant blocks of time and, due to college expenses of three children, two of whom have graduated, a significant financial need. I am most concerned that the seven day waiting period would impede the opportunity to allow multiple applications. Many times people are presented the business plan and within a short period of time after signing up wish to sponsor several others in a row. The seven day waiting period would make it more difficult for a new IBO to be successful. I am also concerned that if I provide a list of local IBOs for my prospects to contact before they decide to register, I am compromising my business. I hope that the FTC does not allow the abuse and ignorance of some to compromise what is proving to be one of the greatest business opportunities for minorities in this great country.