Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12485

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Bala Rao
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Business Opportunity Rule
Sub: Proposed rules changes for Quixtar Business Dear Sir\Madam, We are deeply troubled towards the future of our business due to the proposed buiness requirements being considered by FTC. The reasons follow 1. We already have to go through a lot of convincing the prospect already due to many external influences like media\web etc. Any more regulations will make sponsorring new business owners totally impossible. 2. A new prospect must not be given more information than what they ask\ required like litigations\ individual incomes\ references etc. Law suits are a part of American life in anyhting and everything including job environments. Also any of the income level reached by individual ibos are different due to their own level of committment in their businesses . Referneces of other ibos is difficult as each is in their own business and would not like to interfere with other businesses. This kind of unasked for information giving, only will lead in harming the free economy we are in and discouraging people who want to do something more for their families finances legally. We believe that if anything is truly credible and has got good financial prospect, like this business, then the new business owner will automatically know that this is the right thing to do and continue building their business of their own accord. A new ibo should be given a reasonable cancellation time like now to cancel their registration,If they think that this is not the right opportunity for them for any reason. 3. Most people who are shown the plan and get started, make decisions quickly and do not wait long times. A 7 day wait period is a discouragement for those who are ready for opportunities. A reasonable cancellation time with full money back safeguards the interests of these individuals just in case. I dont think if I would have got started in this business if these regulations were in place then. These are our thoughts. Let us take this country back by encouraging free enterprise which is the backbone to this economy. God bless, -Bala-Sarita and family