Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12477

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Irvin & Sheila Daniel
Initiative Name:
Business Opportunity Rule
We have been Independent business owners affiliated with the Quixtar opportunity for over 15 years. The Corporation has proven to honor FTC rules and regulations and provide us with enough information to be sponsored and to sponsor others effectively. We continue to associate ourselves with this business opportunity because it is honest and profitable. It has been great resource for strong business mentorship, skill building, professionalism with absolute integrity. As a matter of fact I am in professiional sales and am very successful based on skills learned from this business, My husband has been accelerated to a Sr level in the Federal Government and attributes the leadership and management skills obtained from the Quixtar business and dealing with people of many backgrounds. We registered sometime in the ago and have had absolutely enough relevant information to make a informed decision with the understanding that our success was dependent on our level of effort ,step by step and not a get rich quick scheme. We have in turn consistently promoted the business in the same light with integrity. We have also felt that Quixtar has always required a certain standard of disclosure for new prospects to include mandatory FTC standardized literature with disclaimers. It is tough enough operating a business with a busy professional career ,this proposed rule will impose unbearable and impracticle burdens on any IBO. We agree that many bogus business opportunites need to be disbanded but do not agree that honest opportunites should be burdened with excess regulation. 7 day waiting period serves no real purpose and would be a let down for someone who has a strong need want and desire to be a business owner. Once a person has enough information to make an informed decison they can usually begin creating income right away and a strong money back guarantee such as what Quixtar offers is sufficient. Providing 10 references is not always available and is a invasion of privacy. I would not want any IBO to give my information to a complete stranger. IBO's are independent businesses and you risk a competitor taking your prospect.Prospects are encouraged to attend meetings available in most cities in the USA for prospects to meet and ask questions of other IBO's that can meet their need for more information in a public setting without having personal data.A litigation list will be entirely to large to even carry since most IBO s are lay business people and this includes unsubstantiated claims. What a waste of paper and time. We already do a 45 -1hr presentation, income disclosures will be tedius and whose is to say not exaggerated. The current disclaimer of avg income for an active IBO is more than sufficient ,we clearly state that it is an FTC rule that we provide in the SA4400 literature which every prospect is given that is shown the Quixtar business plan.. Income is dependent on effort and any further information is irrelevant. We do not encourage prospects to base income earning potential on what ours has been. Every individual has their own motivation, goals, ambition and time that they invest in their business. These are the things that create income not a personal comparitve financial statement. We donot reveal job incomes and it is not expected nor business incomes. We might show a check that we have rec'd in the last few months or an affilitated business associate's check copy with their permission for an example. In today's world you really have to be careful of who you disclose your income to. We talk to prospects about our lifestyle changes and how the business has impacted it and how it could help them if they have a want, need or desire to be successful in business with less than a $200 investment that is mostly refundable and includes products that can be sold at retail right away. We want bogus business opportunies shut down but not at the expense of over regulating honest ones. Quixtar should be used as the STD.