Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12470

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colleen Donovan
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Business Opportunity Rule
My husband and I have been IBOs for about 8 months now, he actually has been in the business before we got married and we looking foward to achieving financial succes in this business. The quality of product accessible through Quixtar are outstanding, our kids are blessed to be able to use them every day. The friendship that we've developed with the leaders of our organization has guided us to a much better lifestyle today and forever. We now have access to a one on one mentorship with our upline, a full teaching and training system, but most importantly a full access to an online support. I was personally registered in January 2006, just about 3 weeks after I went to an open meeting. I received plenty of information before I began such as literature packets, cds, two interviews, and a website explaining the business at This website has insite from partner stores ceos such as Barnes n Nobles, government officals, IBOS, and charities that Quixtar helps. I loved the website it gave me alot of security knowing this is a great business besides the amazing training I was receiving. I beleive that a person in this business can become successful fast with their mentors help, but a seven day wait would cause a halt in there advantage in this business due to the fact that in america we are a fast pace society and if people are going to do something it is now or never. Another thing that gives me concern is people knowing my personal information such as my address, my home phone, and etc. because we do have a right to have things confidental. My prospects that make the first interview get to meet with all of my associates in my organization. We have team meetings on Tuesdays were we get together and do training sessions. We also fellowship during this time and get to know the people that we are in business with. When my brother knew that I was getting checks from quixtar he was excited. He didn't know the amount, but he was exited. So I introduced my brother to one of my mentors and said," This guy/woman is making 40 to 60,000 in this business and he is mentoring me to show me how to obtain that type of income.". I personally know that person and I also know that I can be were they are with their mentorship. I am now following what my mentors are teaching me and I am becoming successful. My mentors are my Rich dad they change my thought process to success. "Rich Dad Poor Dad" written by Robert Kiosyki is a great book that we are encouraged to read. He is one of the top financial advisors in the world. These are the kind of books we are encouraged to read and the crazy thing is I took a financial management class for 300 dollars were the professor told us to read ,"Rich Dad Poor Dad". These books not only influence our business for success, but our whole realm of well being such as our families, employment, mentality, and spiritual being are raised up. This business also values helping others because if my upline never introduced me to this business I would never have the friendships, guidance, joy, amazing marriage, and great relationship with my children that I have today.