Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12468

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Tim Bates
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Business Opportunity Rule
I got started in this business because of the hope of fulfilling my dreams that had been dashed by my inability to reach them in construction and dropping into the work as a Correctional Officer. I joined thousands of people that are with California Correctional work. It has been a good employment but I had to realize that my dreams would never be reached in this way and basicly gave up on them. When I was shown this idea by my son, I was soon after exposed to a negitive show on dateline, portraying a disgruntled leader of the Quixtar business who decided (I found out later) to make some extra money through means that were illegal and useing the trust of his group to benifit only himself instead of the usual, WORKING TOGETHER AS A TEAM. Having this negitive start made starting my business very difficult and unfair. It portrayed a false image. What you are wanting to do is not allowing a fair judgement to be made by making us portray the alledged negitivity of this type of business. Any other type of business isn't made to fall under such scrutney. Could you imagine if doctors had to expose all the negitive comments that are alledged against them. It would make it very difficult to build a business under such restraints. I appreaciate that there must be something done about the illegal piramid programs out there. But the program and team I am with is wholesome, promotes teamwork within a group of people who are great citizens and raising children that will be a great asset to our country. Please at least consult with our corperation 'Quixtar' in making rules to be followed. I believe they would give straight forward suggestions and insights into what would really be doable. Thank you for your consideration in allowing my input. Sincerely Tim Bates