Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12461

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Tim Sparks
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Business Opportunity Rule
Ladies and Gentlemen of the FTC as a Concerned business person I appreciate your efforts to protect the consumers of America from fraud and misinformation in regards to potential business opportunities. I don't feel your proposed rules will have the desired out come you are trying to achieve. The magnitude of this industry you are going to have a few bad apples as in any other industry . Those would skirt the rules some how any way. Our company is working tirelessly to keep the industry self policed through the associations that we are playing a major role in. I am 55 and have been in sales all my life. I have never seen the integrity of any company to surpass XanGo! It is of my humble opinion that this can be handled at the grass root so as not to through out the baby with the bath water. With our company we do not encourage people to invest in more product than they absolutely need and it comes with a 30day money back guaranty and a 90 day buy back policy. To group us with ones that require 500.00 or more would be to my way of thinking a mistake. Please punish the abusers but do not put a damper on free enterprise buy placing undo hardships of waiting periods and so forth, keeping up with each members location and could infringe in there right of privacy. Keep things simple for us do not impede our lively hood. Thanks for your attention, Respectfully, Tim Sparks