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Janet Rider
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Business Opportunity Rule
I became an Independent Business Owners in the 1970's with Amway. When Quixtar was launched in 1999 I became an IBO with Quixtar. I have learned so many people skills and so much about me. I have changed my life for the good and have better relationships with my children. I have worked hard on our business more at some times than others. I let people know (as was I told) that you have to work hard to get ahead in Quixtar or any other business. I have been rewarded financially in proportion to my efforts. I have never felt pressured to do something that I felt I could not do. My support team has always been there for me with training, compassion and friendship. New IBOs pay only around $200 and over $100 of that is for suggested or their pick of products, for which they may receive 100% money back on if they don't like them. We all buy what we want with no minimums. Concerns 7 day rule: This would mean a lost opportunity for some. Change is uncomfortable no matter the need or excitement -- after 48 hours people start loosing excitement to do what they want to do because it involves CHANGE. We are honest and let them know work and doing new things are needed to make the business work. They may talk to a relative or friend that never bothered to show them this business but put pressure on them during the 7 days to get in business with them & that business may be run in a much different way -- a way that may not be as appealing to the IBO so things may not work out for them. To get in business with me a person sees average income, percentages of higher brackets verses number of people in. No pie in the sky promises. Past litigation: What successful business hasn't had law suites against it? Even the thought of presenting suits against a company even if they proved false seems a crazy. I encourage people to check out the business with the Better Business Bureau etc. (a list given to them of web sites to make it easy --and I encourage they do check them out) 10 reference rule: When IBOs discuss business with anyone that is not in their team it can be diaster. We have see people is our business ruin other people's business thus ours. To give out references to a new person who does not know the danger to them in taking other groups advice and thus being confused on how to build there own business is disaster. Regulation is good but these are areas that would hurt a great business while not stopping groups that will do what they want and think they can get away with.