Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12452

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Scott Dietz
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Business Opportunity Rule
I have been an IBO affiliated with for the last years. I have found the organization to conduct business with the utmost respect for individuals, their freedoms to be in business for themselves in a free enterprise society, and uphold the highest standards of ethics and integrity. In many instances I have found this business opportunity to be even more ethical and uphold a higher level of integrity than the large companies for whom I have also worked. While I understand that there are many unprofessional, shady, and unethical businesses out there, Quixtar is far from any of those. I love the opportunity to be in business for myself but be a part of a team of people that want to help me succeed. The business takes work and effort, but the rewards are there for those that choose to do as their mentors suggest. It doesn't work for those that are lazy, looking for money for nothing, and who are not willing to learn and change. Unfortunately, many of those that have issues with our type of business fall into that latter mentioned category or are uninformed about how Quixtar is different than other "opportunities". I received all of the information I needed to make an educated decision and was never pressured to join or to do anything that I did not want to do. I treat any new potential business owners with the same respect. If they want to get started right away or require several weeks to make a decision like I did, that is fine. I also let them know that if for any reason they do not choose to continue their business, that the $180 or so that it takes to register and purchase a product sample pack is fully refundable. What other business does this? I have thoroughly reviewed your ideas for changes to the industry. While I understand the intention behind the regulation, I strongly disagree with some of the proposed rules. I feel these would greatly hinder my business and are not regulations that would apply to any other business endeavor. The requirement of a seven-day waiting period: Again, some people are excited and choose to get their business started right away. Why should they be inhibited from doing so? I do not see any clear benefit to this since they can have as much time to decide as they want already. For those that want to register and begin building a quick business, the exponential delay of registering new people could be detrimental to their success. Instead of being able to register 10-12-20 people in their first month this same type of growth could take months. References: In today's society, the protection of personal information is of the utmost importance. Providing references would violate this privacy. All new IBOs that are exploring an opportunity in my business get a chance to meet dozens of other IBOs prior to registration. They have the opportunity to ask any candid question they want and thoroughly explore the opportunity. I think this is better than any written reference. I also think that unethical companies could easily manufacture or manipulate this rule. Litigation List: Anyone can sue for anything. This does not mean that a business is not legitimate. I feel this information would be misleading to someone exploring the opportunity. Specific earning disclosures: As with any business, there are no guarantees of success. Countless businesses close daily due to failure in the US. I never guarantee any financial earnings but stress that it is pure opportunity. I also give each prospect the legal documentation which includes the average monthly gross income. Our fore fathers created this amazing country with limited government control for a reason...the market and country run better without the regulations and red tape that is detrimental to a healthy business climate. I am confident that when the facts are reviewed in an OBJECTIVE manner that you will make the right decision and not punish legitimate businesses and business owners like myself and Quixtar.