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Business Opportunity Rule
Having been in the business for less than a year, I can say that it is a group of trustworthy individuals, couples, and families who hold high standards and morals. The rule of waiting 7 days to register is aimless, because a person is ready to register when they are ready to register, whether it is the first time they hear of the business, or two years later. I know several people who passed the chance up the first time it was offered, but they came back to it in time and got registered. This rule is irrelevant because if someone registers and decides that they do not want to build a business for themselves, they can get their money back. America is a country of freedom, and with freedom comes the right to make decisions for oneself, such as when to register and become licensed to build a business such as Quixtar. If someone feels like they need more time to find out more about the business in order to make a decision, then they can take all the time needed to research and obtain more information before getting registered. Providing references is ridiculous because there are no businesses in America that require references to be provided to employees before they are "hired". What would that be like, the associates of a company providing personal information, such as names and numbers of other employees in the business so the person applying or being interviewed can call them to investigate the company before they accept an offer. This is a legitimate business, and Quixtar should not be set apart from other businesses by being required to provide personal information of other IBO's when other businesses in America are not forced to. Providing personal financial information is inappropriate because anyone in the business can see that there is money to be made. They can look at the people who have put forth the effort and done well in the business, and look at their lifestyle, and see that it is real, it is just a matter of how hard one is willing to work for it.