Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12404

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Chetna Ramesh
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Business Opportunity Rule
I got started as an IBO in the Quixtar Business opportunity 2 years ago. When I was presented the opportunity I was invited to more than one seminar to learn about and speak to others who were already building the business. Therefore this and the additional literature that was provided to me by my sponsor allowed me to make an informed decision to get started. Whenever I introduce anyone to this business opportunity, I provide them with literature, direct them to credible web resources, and invite them to a seminar to interact with others that are building the Quixtar business. Only after they are comfortable that their questions are answered do they get started as an IBO. They spend approximately $150 to get started as a Quixtar IBO. I also inform them that if they wish to discontinue the business opportunity they will are guaranteed 100% money back by the coorporation. I do not support the 7 day waiting period for someone to get registered as an IBO. This will not benefit anyone rather it would delay them from introducing the business to their sphere of influence. When I introduce this business to someone I communicate clearly to them that this is not a "Get Rich Quick" scheme, however it is an education process, that they will embark on as they begin to build their business. By making someone wait for 7 days they will lose out on time that they could use to invest in observing, learning and gathering more information from the education system. The size of the Quixtar IBO organization is large, and we operate within our line of sponsorships to maintain profitability and fair ground for all IBO's. There is more than one opportunity for a prospect to interact and meet the local organization at the seminars, presentations and product demonstrations that we conduct on a regular basis. Therefore I do not see the neccessity of sharing references with a prospect. In fact I personally ensure that my prospects are introduced to a couple of people at these meetings, so they can get all their questions answered. This rule will only impede on other IBO's privacy, and risk a prospect getting started in someone else's line of sponsorship.