Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12397

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rick campos
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Business Opportunity Rule
To whom this may concern, My wife and I are active Independent Business Owners with the Quixtar business model. Since joining we have had a great experience in developing our own business. At no point have we felt misled in any way. I feel the way the program is set up offers a great opportunity to all who are seeking opportunity. For about $100.00 to get started in your own business the opportunity is tremendos for many reasons: 1. access hundreds of name brand and exclusive products at discounts and then recive a bonus based on volume 2. more importantly HELP from a real person 3. buy back rule that is enforced at There are so many benifits to this program I could not begin to list them all. From personal experience my wife and I have been able to achieve the Ruby level in this business and feel that this program will provide our finacial freedom in the future.