Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12391

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Kathryn Locher
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Business Opportunity Rule
RE: Business Opportunity Rule R511993. I feel this rule if enacted could adversely affect all those involved in the ZanGo marketing group.The proposed changes would be a devastating burden on our distributors, future distributors and customers. The rule on listing 10 of the nearest buyers to prospective customers borders on invasion of privacy for everyone. It would be very difficult to assimilate this information because a lot of our distributors live in small towns or rural areas far apart from one another. And, additional administrative expenses could be incurred. The seven day waiting period could cause enthusiastic prospective buyers - anxious to begin reaping the benefits of this fantastic product - to be less than thrilled about becoming involved with a company who would require such a delay.Making a return call on prospects would be an additional expense (such as gasoline!), especially when we would have to travel some distance. I am a 70 year-old retiree with only a Social Security income.I joined the ZanGo marketing plan on the advice of a friend because of its low cost investment, XanGo sales training (I had no previous sales experience), the low level of risks involved, and for the prospect of a part-time business to provide me with an additional income. My fledgling eight-month-old business is now giving me a modest income and the promise of a fantastic future!. I understand the FTC's concerns about adequately protecting against fraudulent business procedures. My experience withZanGo has been very honest and gratifying and I feel the the new rules would cause untold hardships on the direct selling industry.