Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12390

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Patricia Stewart
Initiative Name:
Business Opportunity Rule
I have been affiliated with Amway and Quixtar for approximately 14 years. I have found that this business allows me to work at a pace that is complimentary to my full time job and my personal committments. This business has been a tremendous motivation for my personal growth which I feel has been an asset to my employer, community, family and friends. I have always had assistance and support from my upline business associates. They are people who demonstrate the highest levels of integrity and honesty. I feel that they have a genuine desire for me to be successful in this business and there is always someone to give me assistance when there is a need. We have business support materials that also aid us in building a profitable business and also ensures that IBO's are using consistent information when we share this business plan. The proposal for a seven day waiting period would seriously impede the rate at which an IBO could build their business. The waiting period should be eliminated for a legitimate business such as Quixtar because a prospect can be refunded if not satisfied with their decision. The proposal to provide a list of references (names, phone numbers and addresses) of 10 IBO's would infringe on the privacy of every IBO and could potentially penalize the sponsor who would be required to give his personal contact information to someone else. I feel you should eliminate the requirement to provide 10 references. The proposal to provide every prospect with a list of all lawsuits, arbitrations and other legal claims for the past 10 years involving Quixtar and it's IBO's where the plaintiff "alleged fraud", misrepresentations or unfair trade practices, regardless of whether or not the accusation was true should be eliminated. This requirement would open up Quixtar and other ligitimate companies to false accusations. You have proposed to require IBO's to calculate and make different disclosures for every income claim when presenting this business planl. If you require a disclosure, make a requirement for a simple, standard, easily understood disclosure such as " average monthly gross income for "active" IBO's. You have proposed to require IBO's to provide a prospect with personal financial documents to back up any income claim. IBO's should possess substantiation for any claim but should not be required to disclose it unless required by the FTC or other state agencies in an agency investigation.