Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12388

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Eddie Cordova
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Business Opportunity Rule
I have been an IBO for approxiamately 9 months. I plan on focusing completely on my own personal business this year to leave my current job by November 29th, 2006. This business has allowed me to free some time from my current job so that I may spend it with my family and friends and help others achieve a freedom I feel our forefathers had intended when they developed this amazing nation. I see there are many benefits to this business including freeing up more personal time for my family, friends, traveling, and simply empowering and helping others achieve their own personal goals. With our system I was completely informed to make an educated decision to start my own franchise. I do the same for every one of my own IBOs and prospects. All the facts are laid out including how much work is required to accomplish individual goals. Much like a personal trainer would do in the health and fitness industry. Our business model requires a certain momentum in order to achieve success. If someone becomes excited and sees the opportunity, they should not have to wait in order to start their own business. Many people have been achieving success due to the fact that they can start immediately building their own franchise and not have to worry about "red tape". There is enough of that in the world today. If a waiting period is placed in to effect, it may affect people's perception on our business model which is based on integrity and good morals. It may seem to be less than completely legitimate and legal. If we are required to release information on other IBOs in our business, it will breach our privacy policy. Our IBOs should be protected from such enviroments and possible negative situations. I don't want my own information given out to other people who I do not know, especially ones not in our organization. This could lead to many problems including harrassment, stalking, abuse, etc. We do have many functions where new people can attend to meet others already in the association as well as new non-IBOs who are educating themselves on our business model. This way they can exchange information on a personal level if they so wish in a non-intrusive manner. As far as concerning any litigation, our business is comprised of people. Unfortunately, people have many motives to pursue legal action against the company or individuals in the company even though the claims may have no merit. Although our company has strict rules and guidelines, people sometimes break those rules. This should not be a reflection on our system and the integrity of the system. I never mislead people as far as what my own business is doing financially. I never disclose my current income due to the fact that it may mislead them to believe that they will have the exact same results. Everyone is different and achieves different results. I explain that their possible income is directly related to their own work effort and attitude. What this all comes down to is, the Golden Rule. I treat others how I would expect to be treated. This is how everything should be. That is what makes this busiess and our country great. We have the right to Free Enterprise. We should not be bound when the system is based on morals and integrity.