Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12359

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Jason Hackbart
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Business Opportunity Rule
To whom it may concern: Hello. My name is Jason Hackbart and I am a Quixtar-affiliated IBO. I have some concerns regarding this proposal. First, I wish to address the references requirement. Although allowing the prospects to contact other IBOs might help the prospects realize that Quixtar is a legitimate business, it could also cause more challenges than it's worth. For example, some prospects might try to use this information for other purposes (some may even be illegal--such as identity theft). Also, I would rather not have my contact information shared with anyone to whom I haven't given personal permission to receive it. I feel my personal information is just that--personal. Moreover, some prospects might decide to register with one of the references, not the business owner who first gave them the information. This may not be illegal, but it would probably lead the "original" business owner to think twice about sharing the opportunity with anyone. Next, I would like to discuss the waiting period requirement. Although requiring the prospects to wait for seven days before they can register may seem like a good idea, it may also frustrate some IBOs and prospects who see this as a legitimate business and wish to "hit the ground running." Also, requiring the prospects to wait might allow other IBOs more of an opportunity to contact the prospects' family, friends, and acquaintances--which may lead the prospects to feel frustrated as well. I trust that you will amend the proposal appropriately after reviewing the comments you receive. Thank you for your time and consideration. Best regards, Jason Hackbart