Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12356

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Business Opportunity Rule
As an IBo I believe that imposing these proposed rules would have a negative impact on our business. In our expeirence when meeting with a new prospect after they have seen the marketing plan it is much more effective to sit down with them 24-48 hours after they have seen the presentation, because the information is fresh in their mind, and are better able to make a decision, rather than waiting seven days, and forgetting what they saw. Also why would giving a list of lawsuits help the new prospect? When we got invloved with Quixtar we checked it out with the BBB,and other reputable sources before we got started. Had we have been given all the negatives of becoming an IBO, we would have missed out an a great opportunity. Our lives have been richley enhanced since we became Quixtar IBO's, we became IBO's over 5 years ago, and have attained the Platinum level, and enjoy many rewards that owning our own home based business has to offer. We spend more time with our kids, and as a family much more frequently than just working a traditional job can. And my last concern is the proposed disclosure of financial statements. I feel it is inapporpiate for the FTC to recquire business owners to disclose how much income they have earned, such information is very personal, traditional business owners are not recquired to disclose how much income they earn, simply because it is an invasion of privacy, so why should home based business owners be recquired to do such a thing?