Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12349

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Kyle Chadwick
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Business Opportunity Rule
As an independent business owner, I am glad to hear that there is an interest in the use of legislation to ensure that it protects consumers from illegal or phony businesses. However, this can not come at the expense of other legitimate businesses such as Quixtar. The provisions suggested in the proposal would not only cripple our businesses but also border on an infringement of our constitutional rights. There are so many other types of businesses and yet none of them have to supply their customers with a list of law suites, so why do we? We should be treated with the same guidelines as all other businesses. Businesses such as Wal-mart and McDonalds have had numerous law suites and claims against them, yet they have never had these restrictions. I agree that each prospect should be given the information needed to make a properly informed decision, as I feel our organization has strived to do so. I am confident that with all of the proper information you will make the correct decision. Thank you for your time. Kyle & Chrystal Chadwick