Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12342

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John Mertz
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Business Opportunity Rule
This respose is a request to NOT INSTITUTE proposed rule making on Business Opportunity Rule CFR Citation16 CFR Part 437. This is not a question of Industry, but of Individual. No matter what regulations you put in place to stop the limited individuals who over promise and make unsubstaniated guarantees with have less of an effect on them and a tremendous effect on the 99% that are playing by the rules of their company and of their peers. Highly skilled Professionals are using a Netwrok Marketing/MLM business model to supplement and often time replace their income. Unnecessary regulation would burden many prospects from even getting to the meat of the information to make an informed decision about the businesses they are reviewing. This wreaks of a "cooling off period" appropriate for a gun, not for business literature. Once again, do not pass this rule. Thank you for your time, John Mertz USANA Health Sciences Independent Associate "Two years from firing my boss."