Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12339

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Portia Wade
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Business Opportunity Rule
My husband and I have been affliated with this business opportunity for over 5 years and have been continually impressed with the high moral character, organizational leadership, and ethical business practices upon which the Quixtar business model is founded. Training opportunities and business mentorship are integral facets of this business plan, so that informed and well--guided decisions can be made regarding business growth and long-term success. Prospective business partners, as well as veteran associates are provided with the information and knowledge base needed to grow their business organizations and to share this business model in a fair and equitable manner. It has been stated in numerous business settings, that our business plan is not " a quick rich scheme ", and that it will take hard work and consistent efforts in order for our business teams to grow and develop. We see this an investment in people, and have been proud to pursue this particular method of income diversification and retirement security for ourselves personally, and our family as a whole. It seems there are several issues that the FTC is currently looking at with regards to the "Proposed Business Opportunity Ruling". I believe the list includes the following: 1. Requirement for a 7 day waiting period. 2. The requirement to provide references. 3. The requirement to provide a 'litigation list" 4. The requirement for specific earnings disclosures 5. The requirement for financial substantiation. Although I understand the desire for honesty and fairness, I feel that our "money-back" guarantee, ethically sound personal mentorship program, and investment in people first principle, question the necessity for these firewalls and controls. The amount of time Independent Business Owners would spend fulfilling these requirements for every new business prospect and existing business team member would greatly hinder our effectiveness in the market place, and would cripple us with unnecessary paperwork and massive time commitments. Understanding the importance of protecting the general public from "fly by night business schemes", I realize there are times that guidelines must be put in place to protect the general good. Yet, I would hope the FTC would consider the long-range ramifications of any actions or rulings that are put in place, and remember that people in this country go to traditional workplaces everyday without the security in knowing that the very issues you have raised, are being monitored on a consistent basis. People serve, give, and bank their financial futures with companies and work situations that may not be there for them or their families in the future. So thank you for looking into these very ethical issues for the public's good. Perhaps as you carefully examine all of the current work and business practices available, reasonable safeguards can be put in place that will prove beneficial to all.