Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12326

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Shawn Menousek
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Business Opportunity Rule
Hello, I would like to start by saying The issues that the FTC are truing to address will be a great benefit to those of the Quixtar team. Once the fraudulent organizations are limited or exposed it will ease the way for business owners like us to grow in a less skeptical world. The first concern I do have is on the seven day waiting period. We are not buying hand guns!"joke" Normally when new people come into any business opportunity or job field they are charged with excitement. My personal goal when people start is to get their growth moving right away. This keeps people motivated. Weather it be sales, buying or owning your own business Motivation and excitement drive people. Imagine going to any retail store and being told you have to come back in seven days before your first purchase. Most likely you would not be back. Where maybe someone with no morals that doesn't intend on following the rules will take their money regardless. Issue 2 providing personal references. This would be an easy one for con-artist to buy pass and in hinder only of us with the honesty to accept the right course. Also many of us operate on cell phones more so then land lines because of our schedules. This would cause a lot of extra charges for some of us. Many of use also while building a business have other jobs, this would open us for discrimination with our own bosses that may not like the fact we are trying to get free of their employment. Issue #3 Litigation list, one thing we have learned in this country is any one can suit any one else. What would keep those without morals to file suit after suit against whoever to tarnish their name or reparation. Most businesses I have seen with a less then legal operation simply would change names or id's to avoid this. Where we could be slandered without recourse. Issue 4 Regardless if you are at the top or bottom of the ladder what right do others have to your personal finances. Say if I was make hundreds of thousands a year it could be perceived buy a potential recruit that may only make 20-30 thousand a year that I am unreadable by their means in which discourage them from trying. Even if I'm a newer business owner not reaping much from my business as of yet does this mean I have less potential or worth as a leader. I'm pretty sure Jesus didn't show his check book much.