Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12323

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Garnett Burey
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Business Opportunity Rule
To Whom It May Concern My wife and I have been an Independent Business Owner (IBO) for the past year and we a please to inform the this business opertunity as kindle a fire in our being that our future look very bright and with hard work and sticking to the teaching we have been receiving, we know that success is a must. Before we became an IBO we were given in great details on the entire business plan and after my wife and I examin it we for a period of a few days we then decided to become an IBO. We found out that this is not a rich quick business and what you get out is base on the work you put in. Their training system has allowed my wife and I to grow in leaps and bounds personally, and this business plan is close to perfect as any business plan can be and hence their is no need for any changes to the business plan.