Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12311

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dinesh ramroop
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Business Opportunity Rule
Dinesh and Alisa has been with the Quixtar Business Group for 3 years. All our dreams and goals are coming through because of this opportunity. It has made our friendships and relationships much better than it was before. When we got registered we received enough information to make the decision to join this amazing business. Therefore we use the same format that our sponcer used on us. Our prospects knows that the Quixtar opportunity is not a Get Rich Quick Plan, and it's 100% money back guarantee. If you have to wait until 7 days to sponcer the prospect, the prospect might then change his/her mind because that is a long waiting period. After the presentation, if a follow up is not confirmed the prospect than forgets what he/she saw in the presentation. therefore life gets in the way and the prospect is gone. The Quixtar opportunity is a great opportunity and it should remain the way it is.