Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12308

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Aubrey Hunt
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Business Opportunity Rule
My wife and I have been independent business owners with Amway / Quixtar for 13 years. We have thoroughly enjoyed being assocaited with a company that exemplifies honesty and true customer service. While we haven't put forth the consitent efforts to build a large and profitable business, we have profited in other ways. Our sponsors, who we did not know prior to their meeting us for the purpose of expanding their business, are now wonderful friends of ours. They have never intentionally mislead us in their income, or potential income that is available to us through this business opportunity. They have never pressured us to purchase tools or products that we did not wish to purchase. They have always been eager to assist us in any way towards building the business, and have been available to answer any questions that we have had regarding the business, the parent company, or our line of sponsorship. Quixtar has also provided nothing but excellent customer service to us in our 13 years of affiliation. A couple of times, I had concerns with some purchased product. Both times they sent a replacement, at no cost to me, and then requested that I return the defective item at my convenience using the pre-paid return shipping label. This proposal, while written with good intent, seems to unfairly limit an indepenent business owner's ability to expand his or her business without providing information that can be found through easy research. Providing litigation information is an unnecessary step that is not required of other non-multilevel businesses. Potential earnings should not be presented with proof at each level. The average IBO earnings is sufficient. The waiting period of seven days before allowing sponsorship is also unfair to the new prospective business owner. Someone who has just seen the business plan and is excited often likes to begin right away. It is restrictive to tell them that they are not allowed to begin for another week. This is actually a mute point since anyone is allowed to opt out of the business if they feel they have made a bad decision to become involved. They are already entitled to a full refund. How about other industries - auto dealerships, real estate agents, insurance agents, jewelers - are they forced to wait seven days before concluding business transactions? I agree that there are many shady businesses, and even more questionable business owners within "pyramid", or multi-level companies, but through my affiliation with my line of sponsorship and Quixtar, my experience has been wonderful. Don't punish the many good business owners for the actions of a few rotten folks. Thank you for your consideration in my response, Lee