Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12294

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Sonia brown
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Business Opportunity Rule
I have been an Independent Business Owner in the Amway and now Quixtar Business for about 10 years. I let people know when they are exposed to the business opportunity that it is not a get rich quick scheme but you get what you put into it. It is a wonderful opportunity, a business to improve people self images, provide them with hope and buy back so much time with their family. I have registered many people over my time in the business and one thing they all say, those who were in the business for a couple of months they love the people, the association but didn't or weren't willing to do the basics business building blocks. Imagine a gym membership how many people actually go to the gym but those who go and do something on a consistent basis. WOW. This business is no different. I would find it difficult if not impossible if the FTC puts in place certain proposals against our business. I live in Mount Vernon, imagine if to sign up a new person, I would have to show them how much money I'm making and also 9 other people. I couldn't do that at my job. I couldn't go to the CEO, my director, my supervisior and ask them how much do you make. Let me see your last W-2 forms. When a prospect comes out to a meeting we show them people who if in doing the right things(Success principles they will make the money promised). I myselft is lazy and that is why I haven't reached further in the business. It is a breech of people' privacy and safety issues as well for those who are making money. This is a business for the poor, the destitute and the average guy who goes to school, follows all the rules but wouldn't have a chance if not for this business. I have signed up people and they go and talk to someone who tells them this is a waste of their time and they come back to me for their money. They write Quixtar and they are reimbursed their start-up fee up to one year. Where in society does that occur? The thought of having to give people information regarding litigation history before they can get started in business. I have been working as a registered nurse for over 16 years and I have never looked or needed to look for litigation history on my employers before I work for a company. If, this is a business that people do in their spare time and It is by choice you are doing everything for people to not have a chance. How many times do people sue in this country because you looked at them sideways? I don't tell people I am making more than I am making, in fact I tell them what is on our disclosures sheets for the business. Why? because I cannot prevent a person who will succeed from succeeding and I cannot prevent a quitter from quitting. We work for companies that have thousands and thousands of lawsuits daily and we don't question anything but for a business that can allow people financial freedom, we are preventing them from succeeding. Please don't put these proposals in place because you are closing the doors of opportunity for so many who already are weak and burn out from the daily rut of working 40 years and to die broke. Here we providing hope if you are willing to work for it.