Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12279

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Andrew welch
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Business Opportunity Rule
I'm an independent business owner in Quixtar. I'm currently twenty years old and have been in the business for three months. I plan to create a passive income through the recruiting of future IBOs. This passive income will be focused on the goal of letting my future wife become job free so she'll be able to be a stay at home mom. This goal is currently expected to come to fruition within two to three years (through time and hard work). Entering into the business I was given plenty of information about business, even though it was a short period of time, so I could make a logical and practical decision towards the business opportunity the presented to me. Also within that short time frame I was given the opportunity to meet with new successful IBOs, old "non-successful" IBOs, also along with old prosperous IBOs. The present proposal delays the success that I will encounter in this business. Instead the possibility of two to three years to have my wife free it will prolong the process to possibly ten years. Within ten years my children will be grown out of their most precious years taking with them the morals and mindsets of the daycare teachers that were paid to take of them. This is not on my list of "Things to do". Quixtar gives referrals an adequate amount of information to allow themselves to make a long term decision in a small amount of time. This in turn will benefit themselves as they begin to start the business. It allows there mentors expand their business efficiently within small time frames. It takes under two hundred dollars to register as an IBO with Quixtar. This registration fee is a 100% refundable. Before this point of registration any questions may be ask towards or about the interviewee. One question that may asked is the amount of income the interviewee is making within his own business. This question can be vital. This is mainly relating to the newly registerd IBOs. Everyone in this business starts at zero dollars of income. If there was a requirement for every IBO to show the person he is interviewing their present income, no one would register. No one wants to make nothing a year. We offer the interviewee a business opportunity that depends on their hard work and given time. This means that everyone they interview in the future will be the consequences of their time and hard work they've invested into the business. The idea of giving references to present IBOs is a good idea to build and show credibility to the new interviewee. The problem, this allows a chance for the interviewer's hard work and time to be "harvested in someone else's field". The time and work sown by someone should be beneficial to themselves not someone else. Stolen time elongates the process of creating a more and beneficial income. This will change the present numbers we show interviewees in our business; this changes not only dollar amounts but time amounts. Time equals money. If you take my time away, you take my money away. If you take my money away. You take my wifes freedom away. If you take my wifes freedom away, you hinder the spiritual and mental growth of my children. If you hinder the children; you hinder the nation. I have nothing else to say. Sincerely, Andrew G. Welch