Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12269

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Shannon Stringham
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Business Opportunity Rule
Hello, My name is Shannon Stringham of Idaho Falls, Idaho. I am an Independent Business Owner and Entrepreneur. The Organization that I am affiliated with is Quixtar, Legacy Business Group. I have looked at the opportunity for over a year now and have gotten actively involved in the past few months. Quixtar and the opportunity has changed my life and given me new hope that I did not have before. I had been looking for opportunity for some time, trying to find a way to pay the bills, and yet have a quality of life where I could feel like I can do the things that I love doing. The thing that has inspired me most, is the ability to help other people become what they have always wanted to be. It levels the playing field and gives the little man a chance to change his destiny. I was surprised and somewhat perplexed when I got notice that the FTC was proposing a rule that would change how business is run. One of the key points that I ran into was referring to something about how a individual that wanted to get involved would have to wait 7 days before registration. I am not sure what the purpose of a 7 day waiting period would accomplish, since- it took me a lot longer than 7 days to decide that I wanted to have my own business, and I often run into people that are not ready to have a business of their own either. I would think it should be up to the individual. Having said that, I also have run into people that want to get started quickly, just a few days after thinking about the opportunity, ready to get started in building their business. When people are at an interview for a new job, they are often hired on the spot, or within 24 hours. Its the same with Quixtar. No one has to respond within the next few days, or even 7 days, or even months. The choice should be up to the individual. There was another point about providing references. I do not feel that references are necessary because the person, or persons, have ample opportunity to talk to other Business owners already. Meetings and training sessions are provided every month for an individual to come to and meet people and get more information. I have often run into people that I have known before elsewhere at one of these events. Another main point that I came across was the rule of providing information on all lawsuits the corporation has been involved with. This is not too hard to find and research. I always give the people on my team websites with good information, however giving the person a list of the lawsuits may portray that there has been a shady past with the corporation. And how is one to know with ones are valid and which suites are not valid. Many times people just file a lawsuit, because they can, or because they just want to complain. It also does not adequetly represent each independent business owner because Each separate business is Independently owned and operated. In my opinion the information would not help the person who was interested in getting involved. Only raise doubt and create a negative outlook. These are the basic things that I have noticed about the proposed rule. I do appreciate all the work going into making sure that business is run fair, and I appreciate that the FTC is concerned about get rich quick scams and unethical behavior. However, I do not believe that the proposed rules will help out the people that are seeking business opportunities. The rules seem only to hinder those who are already in business. thank you for your time.