Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12262

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Consumer Awareness Institute and Pyramid Scheme Alert
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Business Opportunity Rule
ATTN: FTC officials -- I am submitting a formal response to the April 12 notice in the Federal Register (16 CFR 437) regarding the FTC proposal for a business opportunity disclosure rule. This submission is a revision of the one I submitted on July 1 (tracking number 522418-05437 ). Congratulations to the FTC for proposing a sorely needed business opportunity disclosure rule. And since a flood of Public Comments have come in from MLM supporters, most of them from form letters supplied by the Direct Selling Assn (DSA) or its member MLM firms, I feel it is important for FTC officials to consider extensive research related to this issue that has only recently been made available. These Comments include current links to extensive research and analytical reports relevant to this issue or debate. (The full set of documents in hard copy has been expressed to FTC officials.) And it is a debate -- with MLM promoters vigorously opposing meaningful disclosure, and consumer advocates and legitimate business opportunity supporters (including myself) calling for meaningful disclosure to discourage abuse. Please read the attached comments carefully, and read the supporting research and analyses either from the applicable web sites, or in hard copy as supplied. Sincerely, - Jon M. Taylor, Ph.D., President, Consumer Awareness Institute and Advisor, Pyramid Scheme Alert E-mail: Web site for MLM research and guides --