Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12247

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Betty Knenlein
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Business Opportunity Rule
I have been an IBO (Independent Business Owner) with Quixtar for almost 3 years. I have never been involved with an organization that had more integrity or a more positive impact on my life than Quixtar! Am I making tons of money? No, but only because I haven't worked at it consistently. When I registered as an IBO, no one promised me anything but an opportunity. They did tell me that I would learn a lot and I have done that -- about myself, how to interact with other people and how to better handle finances. That alone is worth the price of registration. No one told me it would be easy or a quick road to riches. My sponsor left lots of material for me to review. It clearly and repeatedly stated that the average active IBO only earned $ll5/month. I was informed! Quixtar provides many, many vehicles for giving prospects all kinds of information about the company, products, business plan, how money is earned, etc. There are DVD's, CD's, books, magazines, videos, web sites, pamphlets for prospects to review. Everything they would need to make an informed decision is clearly laid out! My husband was a sales manager for a Fortune 500 company. I was a merchandising manager for a chain of card shops. We are 59 & 57 years old. Our experience in the business world makes us confident in the knowledge that Quixtar is the best way for the average person to make something of himself. NO OTHER BUSINESS MODEL CAN OFFER WHAT QUIXTAR DOES! 1) The 7 day waiting period: This would make registering new IBO's exceptionally difficult. I don't see any benefit to them since Quixtar will refund their money in full if they change their mind. What would the benefit be to the prospect? This requirement would only delay them in getting started?! 2) The reference requirement: This would simply kill our business. We recently bought a second home in Wisconsin. We don't know anyone in the area. It would be impossible to provide 1 reference, let alone 10. This is a Catch-22. I can't provide 10 references until I register 10 people; but I can't register anyone until I have 10 references! Even at our year round home, after almost 3 years in this business, I only know 8 active IBO's in the area. What other type of business has to provide this kind of information. I may want to know how the owner of the local grocery store treats his employees before I decide to work there. Would he have to give me 10 references of current or former employees? THIS REQUIREMENT IS IMPOSSIBLE. 3) Lawsuits: I think this is completely unnecessary. Again, no other business has to do this. Certainly, PENDING LAWSUITS SHOULD NOT BE INCLUDED. Pending lawsuits give a prospect no firm information; only those that have been settled would give any specific, factual information if there is no way around this proposal. 4) Income claims: I honestly don't know how we could do this. Every Quixtar business is different. Some "Emeralds" make more than some "Diamonds" even though they are considered at a "lower level". It's very possible to have people below you making considerable more money than you. The company clearly states what the average IBO makes/month ($115). This should be sufficient. 5) Personal Financial Substantiation: My personal income is no one's business but mine and the IRS. My income has no bearing on what they could earn if they work harder and smarter than I do. It's simply not relevant to their business. Since Quixtar will refund registration fees (and all products are 100% money back guaranteed for 6 months), I see no risk for any prospect interested in our business. Will these proposals simply make it impossible for the honest companies to stay in business while the dishonest ones do whatever they want anyway?