Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12244

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Lawrence R Lehman
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Business Opportunity Rule
This is in response to your proposed Business Opportunity Rule. I have been a Quixtar IBO since it's inception and have continued to grow as a person using the many teaching materials available to me. I have met some of the goals set by me and have set a date to become a Platinum IBO. What I want to get across to you is that I have always received correct information from my leaders and from Quixtar and it has been up to me to use it to full advantage. The business is there for me to use in my own time and at my own pace. When I registered I was given appropriate information for the time including the average monthly gross income for an IBO( SA4400) and was told by my leaders that they would be available when I was ready to build my business and this has been true at all stages to date. I have followed the example when registering new IBO's in my business. They are told that they can get their money back -typically $200.00- if not satisfied or I have misrepresented the business in any way. I feel that my business would loose any momentum getting a new person started if I had to wait to register or would have to give out any lists other than the proven information we already give out. That goes for disclosing my income as well. This would be particulary tough for a new IBO since they may have just started and have no figures to offer. We are taught to refer to the success of our leaders and this has worked well even though we do not have a dollar figure to show. It would not be a good idea to use as an example someone who builds at at a slower pace than what the prospect may want to go. All IBO's have their outside situations to deal with--we can set good goals but life gets in the way. This is what I can say in this short time, and would like to add that Quixtar is an example of what other businesses would like to be, only that they want to shortcut the road to success or use the direct selling type of business to make a quick buck. I was told that it takes hard work and time to build a successfull and profitable business. I have found this to be absolutely true.