Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12231

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Patricia Nail
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Business Opportunity Rule
I have been a registered IBO with the Quixtar corportation since November of 2003. My husband and I will be eternally grateful to the people that have helped us better our lives. The business we are a part of is not just about money. It is about a better way of life. We have experienced many multi-level marketing businesses that did not help us the way this business and it's leaders have. We have made money, but we have also made friends, and a life we would not have had otherwise. My husband is a blue coller worker and would never be able to earn more than 75,000 a year in his field. With that income, I would not be able to stay home with my children. I would have to put them in daycare and return to work. I am glad we were asked to see the business opportunity. When we registered, I believe we had enough information to make a quality decision. We knew it was a business, and with all businesses it required money to operate. We were willing to do what it took to get the results we wanted. I think so often, people are not willing to do what it takes and they in return quit, and spread negative about something that they just were not willing to work at. It is not a company's problem that an individual will not work. It is the individual's problem. I belive that we as a society tend to try to find someone else to blame for our problems. If you buy a McDonald's franchise, you are required to spend a lot of money, go to training school, and play by there rules. If you choose not to do these things, then your McDonalds probably will not be as successful as you expected. Is it McDonald's fault? The Quixtar business is set up to help someone who has never been in business before and does not have a lot of capital run and operate a business. It is not get rich. It requires work, and a lot of it. What is does not require is a lot of money or time. There is no buying and storing of products that may never be used or sold. When we meet a potential prospect, we try to explain everything we can about the Quixtar business from our prospective. We tell them all that is required of them and give them places they can look to research for themselves the Quixtar business. If a person chooses not to research a business opportunity fully, then it is that person choice. I agree, there are some "businesses" that are just trying to get money, and the prospects get nothing in return. Those types of businesses should be limited. But on the same note, those prospects should research further before jumping into something. I do not believe the FTC should mandate a time on research. If a person feels comfortable after 1 day of research, then they should be allowed to follow their dream. In the Quixtar business, we require a new prospect to "meet the team". They come to a training seminar where they can meet and talk to everyone in our area. I believe this is an adequate way of meeting references. I would not like for others to give my name, address, and phone number to their prospects. That is my personal information, and I do not know who their prospects are. We have a standard for our prospects, but not everyone follows that standard. We are just trying to make a better life for our family. We do not want to have increased limitations placed on us. This is a free country founded on free enterprise. I strongly belive the Quixtar business is the best free enterprise system in the US.