Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12215

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Carol Perkins
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Business Opportunity Rule
Dear FTC, Thank you for allowing this input. I believe that your new regulations will stifle new business ownership and free entreprise. This is a base of our economy and our free market system. I am a school teacher and although this is a wonderful vocation, we as a family of three cannot live on my salary. Being a small business owner has helped us to cover many expenses that we could not on a one income household. Disclosing personal finacial records would be a invasion of privacy in a world where our personal information gets used against us or may be fraundulantly used in identity theft. Most new people get to meet references in person and could make their own decisions about each. What would be the point of waiting 7 days, when a company has a 6 month money back guarantee?. Thank you in advance for not going forward with this anti-capitalistic legislation.