Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12211

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Business Opportunity Rule
Whereas I admire and applaud the proposed legislation, I am concerned, no alarmed, that the proposed legislation will throw the "baby out with the bath water." I am a military veteran, Vietnam, and have been associated with the Army National Guard for over 25 years. My wife and I have been IBO's for two years and we would not trade, or change, any aspect of the Quixtar business. The hopes and dreams that we were forced to abandon, or file away under unobtainable, have come to fruition. We are now credit card debt free. We are building the business I will devote full time energies to upon my retirment from Federal Civil Service. The friendships we have made and the differences in peoples lives we have made are priceless in and of themselves. I am fully behind the need to protect the American public from the multitude of pyramidal schemes, Ponzi's, etc. that are out there. To do so would separate my business, which is based upon integrity, real and tangible support and training, proprietary products and services and a compensation plan that is unparaelled in the industry. What other so-called business in this industry has the benefit of the IBOAI whose madate is to protect all IBO's? In essence, what other business has an ombudsman in place who will not put into effect anything that would be deleterious to even the newest IBO, since to do so would also affect them? The same information I was provided at the time of my registration is the same that is provided to all persons to whom I present the business opportunity. No "shell games", no "hidden costs", etc. The business opportunity was presented to me as a 2-5 yr plan. The period is entirely dependent on the energies one wishes to devote. For instance, I have two persons whom I have sponsored who are currently serving in Iraq. I have doubled their business while they are defending my right to do so. What other business would enable me to help our American Heroes while they defend their right, and mine, to pursue the American Dream? The IBO's I sponsor will register for $50.00. The initial product pack is $115.00. This allows the newly registered person to familiarize themselves with the products and the Order Consolidation Site. I urge my IBO's to subscribe to the publication "The Loop" which gives them an opportunity to see future product and service offerings prior to their implementation. This cost, which includes catalogs which are mailed seasonally to them is $20.00. To assist them in the transition from a consumer to a pro-sumer, I recommed that they subscribe to the Professional Development Program. This is a montly cost of $50.00. I would not have succeeded without the CD'S and books which have allowed me to adopt the frame of mind necessary to be a business owner, not just a consumer. I have been able to do so by building my business on "point and click" instead of "mortar and brick." I have never been involved with a business quite like this. I have developed not only an on-going income, but I have developed friendships that will last me a lifetime. I am amongst people who believe in integrity, honesty, family values and compensation for hard work. There are four mantras in my personnel business: 1) Make Friends; 2) Have Fun; 3) Make A Difference. If one does all these, the fourth will follow- You Will Make Money. I have learned in this business, as in no other, "If you put money first, you will finish last." I urge you to look at all businesses from the aspect of the initial cost; the support promised and realized and the compensation for one's efforts. After doing so, you will find that there is simply no comparison with the opportunities, integrity and unlimited success, both monetarily and spritually, with the Quixtar opportunity.