Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12205

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Jeffrey LeGros
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Business Opportunity Rule
We have been involved since 1980. Our income return has been very good in relationship to our effort. From time to time our goals have changed and have been reset. Quixtar is flexable and fits into our lifestyle. The products and services are great and with total satisfation. Also note the training and the education received from our upline meetings has helps all aspects of our life! We were not pressured in getting involved and all questions were answered and strongly emphasized this was not a Get Rich Quick plan and with hard work this idea could work for us. When we register prospects we make sure as we were told that there is no guarantee of success only an opportunity. Our upline support team reinforces the fact that there is No Free Lunch. This is not a lottery. Our prospects usually invest the minimum amount and some will add products that they would like to try. NOTE if they are unhappy with the products they may return them for a full refund. Problem 1: Eliminate the 7 day rule of the waiting period and just get their money back if not satisfied. Problem 2: Eliminate the requirement to provide 10 references due to the privacy of every IBO whose name, address and phone number that would be provided to prospects. Problem 3: To list all lawsuites and legal claims for the past 10 years is silly and would penalize the good companies and dishonest companies would just ignore the rule. Problem 4: If disclosures of income are needed, an average ACTIVE IBOs gross income could be disclosed simply. Problem 5: IBOs should not be required to share personal financial documents with propects. This no different than passing out your tax return every time you make a presentation. Our self governing board IBOAI keeps our propects from bad information by providing adequate information for a prospect to make a informed business discision to register or not. Thank you for your consideration on the above stated matters, Jeffrey K. and Karen D. LeGros