Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12196

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donald davies
Initiative Name:
Business Opportunity Rule
As a IBO Iam very concerned about the rules that are prposed.My buisness is very piece of my family`s future. As I read the proposed rules I see a lot flaws that could harm many business owners. I agree everyone should have alevel playing field , but these rules will hurt many parts of my buisness. I AM a IBO with QUIXTAR and very proud of it , we help thousands of people a year better their lifes by teaching them how to become finanicaly free. We at QUIXTAR agree we should maintain a reasonable cancellation policy, thats why we have a 6 month money back guarantee!!! As a IBO I disagree with the seven day waiting period before registeration,this will dramaticly slow our grow in the buisness, which in turn could cause a crippling finanical burden on a new or young IBO. AS a IBO I disagree with providing prospects with refernces and disclosure of past litigation, this again would cripple a new IBO that has not earn any buisness creditablity and at the same time will make it almost impossible for them to gain any buisness creditablity base on success. As for providing personal financial information to all prospects this to may damaged a new IBO that has just started his or hre buisness because of the lack of finanicail creditablity. All these rules will stiffle any growth in a new IBO`s buisness , therefore stealing the dreams of success and freedom of IBOs across AMERICA. AFTER ALL THIS IS STILL THE HOME OF THE FREE!!!!! MAYBE??????