Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12180

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Chris Mousetis
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Business Opportunity Rule
To the FTC, First I would like to applaud you and let you know how much I appreciate your efforts to crack down on illegitimate business opportunities and scams. I have been an Independent Business Owner with Quixtar for 18 months and have truly enjoyed the experience of operating my own business. The benefits extend well beyond just the income as I have developed the best friendships I've ever had in my small feat for someone who competed in team sports for 17 years. When I was first sponsored I was given more than enough information to make an informed decision about the opportunity I was presented. I was also aware that it was an opportunity to succeed and not a guarantee. When I am speaking with prospects, I let them know this as well and provide them with the same information I was provided. I also make them aware that there is a 100% money back guarantee if they decide they do not want to participate after they have registered. Now I'd like to address a couple of issues in the proposed rule. First, the seven day waiting period, I believe, is unnecessary for business opportunities like Quixtar who provide a full money back guarantee if the prospect does not wish to participate after registering. This waiting period will only serve to slow down the growth of any business. And of course, regulating the speed at which a business grows is not a characteristic of the free enterprise system. The requirement of an IBO to provide 10 references to new prospects infringes upon the privacy of those 10 references. It also doesn't seem to make sense for a newly registered IBO to provide a list of references (whom he barely or does not even know yet) to a prospect who is a family member or close friend. In closing, I believe the FTC's pursuit of illegal scams and "get rich quick" things is a noble cause and will benefit everyone involved in or seeking a business opportunity. I hope these comments are found helpful. God Bless.