Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12179

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Charles Sparks
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Business Opportunity Rule
Thank you for this opportunity. My wife and myself have owned a Quixtar business since 1999. We know that it is always a challenge, in business, to protect people from misleading hype and false promises, and at the same time protect the responsible small business owner. We applaud your efforts to find a fair and balanced solution. A fair cancellation policy is helpful, and we always inform prospective business associates that if they are for any reason unhappy, we will make certain they get a refund, even months later. Our business has been a great blessing to us, as I am 73, retired, and we depend on our Quixtar business for needed additional cash flow. Some of the proposals would greatly damage our ability to function,since we are a profitable but small business, without staff. It would be a huge burden on us to provide numerous references, determine litigation records, and extensive financial records to prospects. Such records would be confusing and in many cases misleading. We do introduce prospect to some of our associates so they can ask questions, as it would be a waste of our time and theirs if they didn't understand what it really takes to be successful We have never had a single complaint or unhappy associate since we have been in business. We tell prospects that their income is based on results (sales), and we always stress that they can get in this business, or any business, and not make money if they don't do anthing. We have had people who made very little money, but they realize the reason is that they never did anything. At the age of 73, it would be difficult for me to start over again, so I trust that you will be cautious in making sure any new regulations do not have unintended consequences of destroying my business that I have worked very hard to build, and continue to build. Thank you for the opporunity to share my thoughs and experiences.