Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12157

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Michael Bourgeois
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Business Opportunity Rule
My name is Michael Bourgeois and I am an Independent Business Owner with Quixtar. I m voicing my opion about the new proposal to regulate the way we do business. I am very unhappy about the proposed changes; for several reasons. A few of which are the proposal for ten references in my area to be given to a prospect before getting them started. If that rule had been in effect when I got involved, then I would have not been aloud to build it because there were not ten references for me to call or give out. Waiting seven days to get started is also a bad idea. so much time gives room for so many things to happen that could stop a prospect from getting started. This business is built at a fast pace, and seven days for every person will really hurt success. We are helping people and seven days will give naysayers plenty of time to step on someones dreams of a better life. This is not something that is no big deal. It is a very big deal and I am doing the best I can to practice good people skills, but I am worried that you are going to destroy what myself and several others worked so hard to build for the past two years. This business changed my life and the life of everyone on my team and changing things will stop us from doing the same for others. My income should not determine the success of others, what I mean is I want to be able to tell people what they could make, not limit their ambitions to just what I make. Please don't put these regulationg on my business. It is awesome the way it is.