Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12150

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Ray Stierna
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Business Opportunity Rule
I have been a Quixtar distributor since its start in 1999. I find that it is a corporation of high integrity and I remain very satisfied with all our dealings with them. I strongly disagree with the FTC's proposed 7 day waiting period, simply because we have always allowed several days for people we expose to our business to for their consideration whether they want to do it. It's part of our process. Also, we already provide references to our prospects, as time allows, as part of our process. I think it would be a significant handicap to report financial details to our prospects, simply because it is nearly irrelevent. We do have a disclaimer statement that we read to all those we show our overall marketing plan to. We have a successful line of supply through Quixtar and its partner stores. Our personal experience has been highly satisfactory with all goods and services. Finally, I would suggest that nearly every successful company in our nation's history has had law suits filed against them. Most are settled or dismissed. I disagree with having to provide a list of suits against Quixtar to our prospects.