Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12147

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Mayra Perez-Newberry
Initiative Name:
Business Opportunity Rule
The required disclosure and earnings statements and the required list of all distributors who have cancelled their distributorship in the previous last two years may cause the sponsoring process to become cumbersome and difficult. These requirements may create unnecessary alarm and concern about the legitimacy of the profession and your business opportunity to prospective distributors. The proposed seven day waiting period between receiving the disclosures and enrollment would likely cause a potential distributor to lose their enthusiasm for joining your company. The costs of complying with the requirements would increase expenses to the company which may be passed on through the selling price of goods or services we offer. In fact, the very nature of this ruling is evidence that the FTC does not truly understand that the vast majority of distributors conduct business ethically and honestly every day and that such a ruling threatens the livelihood of these individuals. Is it right that the more than 13 million independent distributors be wrongfully penalized because a very few people have caused the FTC to look negatively at our profession? No!