Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12141

Submission Number:
Catherine Webb
Initiative Name:
Business Opportunity Rule
Dear Sirs, Quixtar and it's parent company, Alticor, have far exceeded all FTC requirements and have proven themselves true to fair, legal and ethical business practices many times over. Unnecessarily restricting it's ability to operate will only put limitations on it's ability to help others create more income for their families which, in turn, drives our basic economy. The expendable income of Americans, as proven by the successful results of tax reductions, stimulates growth and benefits all Americans, not just those immediately involved. I would ask you to seriously consider NOT implimenting the Business Opportunity Rule, R511993. This would handcuff our ability to reach others. I work, effectively, as an independant contractor in my professional field. I have yet to be offered a position with a company that was required to disclose their personal earnings, or a list of all litigation filed against them. I, therefore, do not feel it appropriate to be asked to do so in my business. Thank you for consideration of my input, and I trust you will make the correct decision for all concerned. Catherine Webb