Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12134

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Cassandra Chavez
Initiative Name:
Business Opportunity Rule
Dear FTC, I am writing this letter today with much care and concern. I have just recently started my own business in direct sales. I have been putting my heart and soul into this business to become independently successful and to be able to say "I did this on my own!" My financial contribution is a viable part of my families everyday living. Without it i'm not sure where we would be. My family is counting on me, I can't turn back now. Starting my own home based business has greatly changed my life! It has given me hope, excitement, goals to reach and I am able to spend more time with my family. But, as I read each individual proposed rule for direct selling businessess I become very worried. While I do realize and understand your priority to protect myself and others as consumers, my concern is how these rules will directly affect my business and other legitimate direct selling businessess unfairly. The seven day waiting period would be so impractical, and would definitely slow the growth of my business. When a person takes a look at my product or business opportunity there is tremendous excitement! Waiting seven days would put their fire out. Not to mention how difficult this rule would make record keeping and would most likely add many administrative issues. The litigation reporting seems highly unfair. This rule would not distinguish between winning and losing lawsuits. Irrevelance of the reporting of almost all litigation regardless of the outcome. The earnings claim rule would make it very difficult to collect required data. I'm not sure how this rule would deter fraud when a fraudulent company would not provide accurate data anyway. Being able to find the ten nearest exsisting sales people seems to be extremely impractical. I don't know where a prospective purchaser lives before I meet him/her. Therefore it would be very difficult, almost impossible, to have this information available. Couldn't this rule encourage identity theft? What about privacy and safety issues for us, the sales people? I would not want my name and other personal information given out not knowing if the person requesting it is a legitimate direct selling business. Once again I understand your mission to protect the consumer from fraudulent direct selling businessess and as a consumer I really appreciate that, but on the other hand if these rules should pass, the legitimate businessess are the ones who will suffer. Thank you for the opportunity to express my concerns. I will continue praying that a new solution be found to target fraudulent schemes while protecting those of us with legitimate and honest businessess, (with no negative affects) like mine.