Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12126

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Lon Hals
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Business Opportunity Rule
My wife and I have been active IBOs with the Quixtar Business Opportunity for 16 years. This business opportunity and environment produces predictable financial rewards for those willing to do the work, and also, introduces some of the most interesting positive serendipity's into the lives of those who get involved. As a relationship/mentoring based industry, this business ushers deep lasting features of healthy relationship into peoples lives. We have witnessed healthier marriages, more unified families, rejuvenated hope, purposeful paths of travel revealed in peoples behavior, and an endless opportunity to develop new relationships with boundless potential. This business opportunity has been, is, and will always be a vital link for those who may not otherwise have the capacities to enter into the free enterprise arena during their lives. We consistently admire the forthrightness represented by the Quixtar Corporation....the accurate description of business structure required to produce projected financial outcomes, open, honest and responsible communications at all levels of business administration/support, respectful resolution of all disputes as well as the willingness to receive input to continually maintain and improve the most healthy business environment for the newest IBO as well as the veteran IBO. On top of the integrity that governs this business opportunity....there is an unconditional money-back guarantee!!! This is good business........ In the midst of all the goodness that this business opportunity historically and currently fosters into peoples lives......I'm concerned about several features currently being considered within your Business Opportunity Rule proposal. Be assured we believe that all business opportunities should provide a level playing field with clear, simple, and standardized income disclosures and we believe that everyone should have the provisions to a reasonable cancellation policy. Additionally, we believe that these elements to a large degree are currently reflected in the presentation guidelines of our industry with our introduction materials and government reviewed SA-4400. We believe that restrictive policies such as: *required seven-day waiting periods before a prospect could be registered *required IBO references *required litigation lists *required financial records disclosure DO NOT...enhance the level playing field environment of our industry. I'm certain the FTC embraces the creative fundamentals that model our free enterprise the very center of those fundamentals is the human interaction. The ability/opportunity for individuals to influence, interact and come into the power of agreement. That human process is different for everyone....some are spontaneous others, more methodical. Human interaction is not enhanced by regulating the time frame in which it is "allowed" to happen. Additionally, concerning IBO seems unreasonable to invite others to "shed light" on our business. We are INDEPENDENT business owners and predisposed to operating a flagship business regardless of outside endorsement. Concerning disclosed historical litigation....that process is a "stand alone" feature of our free enterprise system designed to influence the direction for orderly growth and improvements. Let that feature do what it was designed to do without unnecessarily "tainting" the wholesomeness of people's business consideration. Finally, we believe that adequate income disclosures are currently provided by the government reviewed SA-4400. The Quixtar Business Opportunity provides the historical and current framework model for wholesome level playing field free enterprise. Study this corporation and you will observe the features of healthy business opportunity disclosure without unnecessarily congesting the free will of those who long to take more control of their lives and destiny. Thank you for you consideration. Warm regards