Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12119

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yuqin ma
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Business Opportunity Rule
To whom it may concern Dear Sir or Madam: I am an Independent Business owner (IBO) powered by Quixtar for several years. I have found that this is a great and fair opportunity for everyone. When I decided to registered as an IBO, my sponsor has already told me this business is not that kind of "get rich quick" business; it needs us to work hard for a better future. All the details that an IBO should know are clearly listed on the web site and / or we can find it when we registered. The $45 registration fee is affordable to everyone who wants to start their own business. Even the registration fee can be refunded if you change your mind within 180days. Lately, I have read the proposal rules from the Federal Trade Commission on our website and have found our business will be affected if any of those rules should passed. Those rules are especially not fair to IBO like us who owns their business powered by Quixtar. We are honestly to share this unlimited potential business to our friends or prospects with strong informative support by our company Quixtar. For example, the requirement of seven-day waiting period is not necessary at all because we give our prospects full refund if they change their mind within 6 months of time. In addition, I cannot agree to let anyone to give out my personal information to someone who is a stranger to me, especially my name, address, phone number as well as my personal income. I've found those rules are not necessary to business powered by Quixtar. Quixtar is honest and fair. You can find any information that you need from Quixtar website including the bonus system and products information. The company also has phone number for anyone to call for further information. Quixtar business opportunity is great, fair, open and their system is transparent for everyone who is looking for an opportunity for themselves. If any rule is passed, it will be a big obstacle for all honest people like us who are working hard everyday for their own life. Your, yuqin ma